Matthew Silberman
Saxophonist and Composer
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Recent press:
-" of the most reflective, and reflexively complex, [jazz voices] on the Brooklyn scene." -DownBeat Magazine
-"Matthew Silberman is one of those artists who is not afraid to explore what music can become, while utilizing what music already is." -JazzTimes
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[Taking a hiatus from bandleading to record/produce a DeSoto EP/Album. There will be some new YouTube videos of recent Press Play and Cinema Varitek shows coming soon, stay tuned...]
Get "Questionable Creatures" on CD or digital download via iTunes, Bandcamp (discounted), Amazon MP3, DeSoto Shop, and many other online retailers. Stream it for free below:
New!!!! "Questionable Creatures" Music Video is here!
New!!!! My first music video "Ghost of the Prairie" is here!
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